A Place to Rest – Blog the Change for Animals

Today on Animal Culture, we are partaking in a blog challenge called Blog the Change for Animals. An opportunity to share our favorite cause for animals, this is dedicated to the people who work hard to care and help our fellow creatures.

Blog the Change

Twenty years ago, in 1994, Ana Julia Torres created a wildlife shelter for mistreated and abused animals. Located in Cali, Columbia, more than 1,000 animals spend the remainder of their lives safe and sheltered at the Refugio Villa Lorena – Villa Lorena Refuge.

Arriving to the shelter with brutal pasts, most of the animals were overworked and abused at circuses, imprisoned by drug traffickers and warlords, neglected at zoos, or kept as exotic pets in people’s homes. Lions, tigers, monkeys, camels, birds, goats, and everything in between, these creatures come malnourished, physically abused, and some, according to the refuge’s website, even raped by humans.

According to Torres, as told to First News, “We want the animals to live in peace. All their life they were shown at circuses and shows, this is a paradise where they can finally rest.”  With community programs where people can visit the shelter to see and learn about the animals and their plights, Villa Lorena Refuge is aimed toward education of the importance of animals, and creating a safe haven for mistreated animals.

Torres embracing Jupiter, a once mistreated lion who she nursed back to health. (Photo Via: Firstnews.co.uk)

Torres embracing Jupiter, a once mistreated lion who she nursed back to health.
(Photo Via: Firstnews.co.uk)

A place created by humans for animals, Villa Lorena Refuge is an inspirational shelter for those of us who want to make a difference in the animal kingdom. With knowledge and love of our fellow creatures, and especially a passion to help, all humans can strive to make the world a better place. A place where we can live in harmony with all living things, and make our own safe haven.

Torres with a rescued camel. (Photo Via: NYtimes.com)

Torres with a rescued camel.
(Photo Via: NYtimes.com)

Click to find out more about Refugio Villa Lorena, view more inspiring photos, and to see how YOU can help a worthy cause.

*Sources: Refugiovillalorena.org, Firstnews.co.uk, Nytimes.com*


4 responses to “A Place to Rest – Blog the Change for Animals

  1. What an amazing place this must be!! How wonderful, to know there is such a peaceful, safe sanctuary for these animals who’ve had such hard lives. Loved learning about Villa Lorena Refuge, and no wonder this is your favorite cause! Best wishes to all who work and reside at this heavenly place.

    Thank you for blogging the change for animals,


    • I had the exact same reaction when I learned that such a place exists! It’s great that there are people out there who care about the safety and welfare of animals like Ana Torres does.

      Thanks so much for your comment, KimT!


  2. Thank you for highlighting Villa Lorena Refuge – a new organization to me, but it sounds like a wonderful and inspirational place.



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