Celebrating Our Planet


While we should be celebrating Mother Nature everyday, thanking her for everything she provides us, today is the day she is widely recognized. So, in honor of our planet, we can celebrate by going out of our way to give her some extra special TLC.

(Photo Via: Thinkplaycreate.org)

(Photo Via: Thinkplaycreate.org)

Pick up your trash. We are all guilty of littering. Whether it’s throwing an old crumpled-up receipt on the ground, or chucking a cigarette out of the car window, all of us have littered. Today though, which honestly should be done everyday, we need to clean up our planet. Whether it’s your trash, or some random’s, say you will and take the time to pick up the waste us humans produce.

(Photo Via: Peta2.com)

(Photo Via: Peta2.com)

Go veggie. Earth day is conveniently the day after US VegWeek begins, so it should be that much easier to go meat-free today. As we talked in yesterday’s “Weekly Feature”, factory farms, which produce the meat humans consume, emit the three top greenhouse gas emissions. So go vegan today, and spare a few of Mother Nature’s children while helping her in the process.

(Photo Via: Flickr.com)

(Photo Via: Flickr.com)

Hug a tree. Literally. Turn off your technology, walk barefoot in the grass, and go hug a tree. With the texts, emails, and tweets that bombard us everyday, we all need to step back from our technological world for a moment, and get back in touch with nature – the real world. The best way to do that is to immerse ourselves with the outside. Whether we lay in the grass and stare at the clouds, take a hike in the woods, or tend to the plants in our garden, spending some time outside is the best way to not only celebrate Earth Day, but also relieve our own inner-stress.

So, get out there and honor our planet today – and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. Show her some much needed love and care, because without her, we wouldn’t survive. Our earth has been through a lot, and the blame is on us. With our polluting cities, our careless littering, and our overall disregard for our universal home, we need to take this day and give back.

Happy Earth Day 2014.


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