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The Unexpected Stop

Animals not only bring love to our lives, but also unexpected twists. You never know when a furry creature will pass your way, and possibly change your life forever.

For today’s “Animal Delight”, we have our very first guest blogger. Animal Culture would like to introduce a fellow animal rights activist and lover, Jenny!

Jenny and Rumpy.

Jenny and Rumpy. Photo © Jenny Threet

Running the cute, witty, and educational blog, Rumpydog, Jenny is passionate about animal welfare and her own brood of cats and dogs. Her contribution today takes us to the moment when her life changed, and the day Rumpy, the star of Rumpydog, was welcomed into her furry family.

So, without further ado, it is an honor to present the short and sweet “Animal Delight” story by Jenny!

Joy comes in the most unexpected places.

For instance, on the day I was driving down the road and almost hit a dog. I had no idea this experience would lead to a long-term adventure!

He was an Alaskan Malamute pup. He was happy and stunk to high heaven. When I stopped, he came right to me. I asked him to get in the car and he got in. We drove around looking for his owner, but didn’t find one. I called around to the vets and the local humane society, and told him he could stay in the back yard until his humans claimed him.

Except no one ever did.

And then there I was, stuck with a dog that was smarter than I was.

He decided that if the other dogs got to live inside, he should also, so he followed their lead and learned to not pee inside.

He didn’t bother the inside cats, though he had no qualms about chasing cats outdoors.

He has never met a stranger, though he’s met plenty of people who were afraid of him.

The most amazing thing is that he has been my muse for the three years I’ve been a blogger. I use his voice. I use his photogenic face. I tap into his energy and enthusiasm to find my voice. It is a gift he’s given that I could never repay.

And all this just because I chose to stop my car that day.

Rumpy. Now, that's definitely a puppy to "luv"! Photo  © Jenny Threet

Rumpy – that’s definitely a puppy to “luv”! Photo © Jenny Threet

Make sure to check out Jenny and Rumpy’s blog, Rumpydog, and learn some more about animal welfare, all while being entertained!

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*Note: Today’s “Animal Delight” story was provided by Jenny Threet © 2014.*

The Jacket Thief

To start out “Animal Delight”, the first story comes from the author of Animal Culture, Kalie Lyn. She shares the true-life story of her freedom-loving dog, Juno, and to what lengths he will go to play outside.

Extremely intelligent and having a mind of his own, Juno, my family’s 12+ year old American Eskimo/Bishon mix is a dog with lots of character. Having added him to our family when he was only a few months old, Juno is a very special member of the family due to the fact that we raised him from a puppy.

He spent his youth running carefree around our 10 acres of land, chasing and wrangling our farm’s alpacas, and cuddling by the electric fireplace. His whole life, even to this day, has consisted of nothing but open field, different animal buddies, and lots of human love.

(Photo Credit: Kalie Lyn)


Recently though, Juno’s mind has been going. Because of his age, he is sometimes found wandering aimlessly down the long curved driveway, sometimes getting as far as the main dirt road. When we call his name he only stares blankly back, an expression on his face like an old man saying “what am I needed for now?”. And since he has been losing the majority of his running ability, due to arthritis, his favorite hobby has now become one thing: eating. This habit has transformed his once athletic physique into a large, round ball of fur, and has since changed his nickname from “June-Bug” to “Sausage”.

Though Juno has enough fat on his body to feed a small village, this winter’s brutal polar vortex has forced him to stay indoors, something he despises. He lives for the outdoors, so during one trip to the pet store, he vowed to reclaim that freedom back.

My father, step-mother, and brother were with the two dogs – Juno and Teddy, our Great Pyrenees – at the local pet shop. They browsed around for dog food, cat food, and some bird seed, even stumbling across a winter doggie jacket. Fitting it on Juno, they cooed over him and this winter jacket, a simple outfit that really complimented his hefty figure. However, as so often happens, our Great Pyrenees Teddy stole the spotlight as a pet shop employee came over to marvel at Teddy’s gigantic size. Juno, used to the sudden change in attention from him to Teddy, wandered off around the store.

Minutes later, after my family had paid for their dog, cat, and bird food, they left the store with both the dogs and their groceries in tow. Getting home, they realized it was the pets’ dinner time, and calling Teddy and Juno’s name, my step-mom placed their food on the ground waiting for the boys to wander in and eat.

Suddenly, she burst out laughing as Juno waddled up, his tail wagging and a smile on his face. Covering his sausage figure was the winter dog jacket, the same one they had tried on him in the store but had gotten distracted before they remembered to take it off of him. The pet store employees had been too consumed with Teddy and his size, and my parents and brother had overlooked Juno as he left the store with the unpaid jacket on.

After eating his fill, which was the whole bowl of food, Juno, the thief, trotted outside in the cold. He had a nice thick jacket to keep him warm in this polar vortex. Nothing could keep him from outside now!

The actual jacket, Juno never leaves the house without it. Sometimes even, he curls up with it  inside.

The actual jacket, Juno never leaves the house without it. Sometimes even, he curls up with it inside.

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